Adwords Come Up With Adwords Campaign Experiments

Every so often Google will release a new feature in Adwords that really moves the goal posts. I think they have just done that with ACE or to give it it’s full title, Adwords Campaign Experiments.

The feature has only just been released to UK users although it has been in test in the States for a while. As soon as I read about it I knew it was going to be good news and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. The results I have got so far are impressive.

Before I share those results with you let me first explain exactly what ACE is. As I have already said the name stands for Adwords Campaign Experiments. The best way I can describe it is that it is a split testing tool that allows you to test specific items in Adwords rather than just landing pages. As I’m sure you know, the website optimiser allows you to test landing pages quite thoroughly.

ACE allows you to test individual parts of your Adwords campaigns. For example, you can choose to test changes to individual keywords.

The test that I have been running is to test two different bids for the same keyword. Now you might say that you could already do that just by running a test one week with one bid and another test the next week with a different bid. However running tests over different time periods will never give accurate results as bidding patterns always vary over time. ACE allows you to test these changes side by side over the same period of time.

So back to the test I am currently running. I have selected some keywords which are performing quite well. I wanted to see what would happen if I lowered the bid for these keywords. So using ACE I have been able to run a lower bid alongside the existing bid and the results have been quite impressive.

As I had expected the lower bid prices dropped the position of the ad however in most cases the CTR for those ads did not drop. We got more or less the same number of clicks at the lower price. In one case we were paying over 18% less per click and still achieving the same number of clicks. As you would expect the conversions results remained the same so the lower bid was providing the same level of sales for less cost. That’s the sort of test result I like.

Go try this today with your own campaigns. Just take a few of your keywords and split test them with lower bids. You can find out how to set up A.C.E from the Adwords help files. It’s quite easy and free.

Mike Seddon is the Adwords Expert at the website promotion specialists KKSmarts. You will find plenty of free guides showing you how to boost your website traffic including their free SEO Training course.

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