Essentials of Website Promotion ? A Beginners Guide

When anyone starts working on a website to get a descent ranking in search engines, the very first question that comes into the mind is where to start from? The answer of this question depends upon some factors like, is it the first time the website is being optimized, does the website is dynamic, the contents are readable or not, is it for some specific region etc. In this article I will discuss only the important website promotion tips that will work for the entire range of website. To start the search engine optimization one should follow the following steps:

Keywords Selection: For any website it is important that it reaches the visitors it is meant for. The appropriate Keywords are what one should be careful about. Since your entire optimization strategy revolves around the keywords you are optimizing the website for. So it is important that you pick the most suitable keywords for every pages of your website. While selecting keywords you should check the search volume and competition of the keywords in some keywords selection tolls like Google’s Keywords Selection Tools. A keyword or Key phrase should be searchable enough to attract some visitors.

Title and Meta Tag Optimization: After selecting the appropriate keywords use it to make a suitable title. The title should not be very long and contains only keywords. A good title could be a small sentence containing two or three keywords in it, or some sort of punch line made-up of keywords. Two or three small sentences long description containing your targeted keywords are enough to define the page is all about. Keyword meta tag can be used to put all the keywords you have selected for the page.

Web Page Content Optimization: Optimizing web page content is one of the important things that many forget to do. There must be some important words on the page that needs the attention of the visitors; you can highlight them for their attention. If any product or service name appearing in the page content you can make them hyperlink for the easy navigation.

Spread Your Website on The Web: Now is the time to spread your website on the web. It means that you should use all the mediums available like, Web Directories, Article Directories, Press Release, Blog etc. to spread it on the web. Submit your website to the web directories using the suitable title and other information. It will help in developing links which is one of the key factors in ranking of websites in search engines.

Submit the informative articles to the article publishing websites. Through the articles you can offer information about some specific product or service available on your website. Help your visitor to know about a product or service, educate them about it through your articles. Publish news or any information about your company, product or service through Press Releases. Inform your visitors about events, happenings, changes or anything new through the Media release or press release. Start a Blog to get in touch with your visitors, post anything new, informative or corrective. You can ask your visitors about the feedback or comments through the blog post.

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