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Description meta-tag is another meta-tag that is considered to be a standard search engine optimization (SEO) tool. Like other meta elements, description meta-tags are not seen by your online shop’s visitors. Instead, they are only seen by web crawlers that help you get into search engine results. Also the ones that see these are the people who check the source code of your site, such as the webmaster, editors, and those visitors who take another mile to check your site. So how does the description meta-tag help you get more traffic and sales?

Basically, description meta-tags are sections of a web page’s HTML code that consist of 140 to 160 characters, which is approximately 20 to 30 words or two sentences. You will see how this is just perfect because these two sentences are all you need to smartly benefit from description meta-tags. The description meta-tags are the summary to your webpage. Even though this part of the webpage cannot be seen by the visitors, you must think well in composing your description meta-tags because these can make or break your online shop.

Despite being disregarded by many website developers and owners, description meta-tags prove to be very useful in making webpages these days. Why? First of all, it makes it a lot easier for webmasters, editors, and web crawlers to identify and categorize your webpages so the only thing they have to do is include you in the results for a search that is in the same category as your website is in. These words also come out in search engine results pages like Google and Yahoo! This is the line or two that comes after your website’s name, describing what your site is all about.

To keep it short, your description meta-tags give soul to your online shop. Given the information given above, you have to compose your description meta-tags well. In making it, you can run wild and put your marketing hat on. Make it very enticing for both crawlers and humans. Put the more important information at the first characters of the description. Remember that these words can lead to searchers clicking into your site.

Description meta-tag must be considered a marketing tool for your site. Aside from helping your web page become optimized for search engines, it is sort of the invitation that gets people to visit your store. In those two sentences is where your entrepreneurial skills come to play.

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