Google Analytics 2012 or Google Analytics v2.0: A Complete Package

It is well known fact that Google Analytics 2012 is out & has something for everyone. Be it real-time reports, new Flow visualization or mobile reporting feature, the new version of Google Analytics is fully packed. With some out-of-box advancements & some not so attractive apps, analytics 2012 is something which can’t be ignored. Glance through the article & know the detailed translation of new Google analytic features.

Google Analytics 2012 or Google Analytics v2.0 is now in open & ready to show-off the new set of features it incorporates. With most of the features being eagerly awaited, Google Analytics 2012 holds some really interesting package which can spell bound the users.

Real-Time feature in Google Analytics 2012 – This feature assists users in viewing the real time results of the website. By this, user can see the number of audience coming onto the website along with time spent by each visitor on the website & his navigation pattern as it happens. Moreover, this tool will measure the traffic influx via social media & the effectiveness of social media marketing.  

Multichannel Funnels feature of Google Analytics 2012 – Now with the facility to connect Google Analytics with Google Adsense & Google Adwords for better outlook on the activities, user can now get a complete view of visitor’s navigation. This function displays the pattern in which audience checks the product/website (via social media, paid links, or banner advs.) before purchasing the item or becoming a client.

Mobile Reporting Feature of Google Analytics 2012

With number of people surfing internet through mobile devices is increasing, so are the ways of tracking it. This new Mobile reporting feature allows user to overview the pattern by which audience checks the website by mobile devices. This will also assist website owners in making the websites more mobile-device friendly as it shows the type of device used to access the website.

Flow Visualization feature of Google Analytics 2012

The new feature of Flow visualization allows user to check the navigation pattern of the audience/visitors on the website. Differentiated by categories, user can sort the type of view he/she want to see. For example, if user wants to check visitors using specific browser to be omitted from the results, it can be done. Plus, this feature also assists user in checking how deep visitors are getting into the website. With earlier Google Analytics showing only previous & next pages, this new Google Analytics 2012 allows user to see from which page visitor left the website.
This further helps user in sorting un-friendly issues with that page & thus optimizing the website more deeply.

No Flash in Google Analytics 2012

To easy the loading time of Google Analytics on the tablets & other mobile-devices, now check out the Google Analytics 2012 without flash on your devices. Taking a giant leap from flash to iframed SVG graphics, now users can easily load this application on their mobile devices.

However, with loads of other innovative features still left to unravel, the new Google Analytics definitely provide more than just information.   

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