Google Redirects to Other Sites – Why is Google Redirecting to Other Sites and How Do I Fix It?

If you are an Internet user you must be familiar with the highly valuable Internet search through the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although searching through search engines is almost accurate but there occur certain search errors at the user end. For instance, a lot of users report that Google redirects to other sites when they search for something else. This is a kind of malware and the two softwares that can help you stop Google redirecting to other sites are the registry cleaning tool and the malware removal tool.

Here are given clear instructions on how to fix the Google redirect virus in your computer and improve your internet searching experience.

Step 1: Try to download an effective registry cleaning tool to clean the virus effect from Windows registry. Sometimes the malwares and viruses are left in the hidden registry entries which are sometimes missed by the computer security software. This step is found really helpful end Google redirecting to other sites.

Step 2: Download a recommended malware removal tool which will perform scan for malwares and you will know why Google redirects to other sites.

Step 3 My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Hardware > View > Show Hidden Devices. Select “Non-Plug and Play Drivers” > disable ‘TDSSserv.sys’. Do not uninstall this file because by doing so you will not be able to fix Google redirecting to other sites.

The above guidelines have been tested by a lot of users as well as the computer experts. These steps, if taken properly will surely help you to fix the search redirect virus issue in your computer.

Follow the instruction below to take the above-mentioned steps:

Use Intel Software Partner, RegInOut and Use Combofix Tool. You shall run RegInOut scan before and after this process if Google redirects to other sites in your browser.

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