How Do I Set Up My Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

So by now you have found a product that you want to promote and have a market audience in mind. You have the answer to their problems. You are eager to get started. Now how do you build a campaign in order to sell to them easily, well you might want to think about this one real hard…

You Need a Sales Process Map

What I mean by this is that you have to map out the paths that people will take in order to get to the product you are promoting. Will they read an article you are promoting, click on a link, end up on your page, and then get sent to the product’s pitch page? What will their state of mind be as they go along this path? Figure out what works best for your product and your audience. Every combination is unique.

Traffic Strategies and Consistency

You have to have some traffic generation strategies in place. How are you going to send people to your site or your product’s pitch page? You can use a number of ways like creating videos, PPC, paid, articles, classifieds, etc. Those are just some ways you can generate traffic. The part you should really focus on though is being consistent and persistent. Keep on doing this every day. If you post on forums, then post every day. You can’t just take a shower once, you must do it every day. If not, you will smell bad.

Building Destinations Depending on their State

Is your audience interested in your product or do they have a desire to get it right now? These are the types of things you should know about your target audience. If your audience was just interested in what you had to buy, then you obviously wouldn’t send them to the pitch page. You would need to have a page of your own where you get their name and email address. Then you have a chance to shape (or whip) them into buying what you have to offer. Send them to different places depending on their state of mind.

The Incorporation

Incorporate your marketing campaign into your daily schedule (I bet you thought I was going to say incorporate your company). What do you have to do every day in order to be successful? Write it down on a piece of paper. It should look something like this: 9:00AM – Advertise on forums, 11:00AM – Improve PPC Campaigns, 1:00PM – Split test landing page, etc, etc, etc. Think of this as an action plan. You brainstorm the actions you must take so that you can focus every day.

Hopefully these tips were helpful. You can go ahead and use them now. Remember to be consistent and to test things out. Testing is very important. This is me signing off…

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