How to Add Name Tags to Clothes

Adding name tags makes it easy to organize and identify your clothes. There are several manufacturers offering personalized clothing labels for sale. Clients can design the labels to their specifications, adding names, logos or initials of their choice.

Ordering Your Name Tags

Many clothing label manufacturers make it easy for their clients to order their products by offering online sales outlets. Customers can visit these sites and give their specifications for the color, designs and lettering of their clothing labels. They can also choose from several different standard sizes, or give custom size specifications of their own. Finally, customers can also choose different batch sizes, choosing anywhere between 50 to 300 labels for a single order.

Once they decide the order specifics, buyers can pay through a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts.

The sites generally ask for basic contact details such as name and email address. It is important to be accurate when entering the details to ensure hassle-free product delivery. It’s a good option to register with the website, especially if you are a commercial user who will be placing multiple further orders in the future.

The labels will be generally shipped within 15 business days, once the payment is made.

Attaching a Name Label

Most commercial users use specially designed clothing label attaching machines to attach garment labels instantaneously. However, tailoring companies or dress designers may choose to use a sewing machine to attach the garment tags.

A large segment of homeowners however prefer to use iron on tags. All users need is a set of labels, a hot iron and a protective sheet. The protective sheet prevents the hot iron from damaging the delicate fabric. Practically, anything can be used as a protective sheet. Ordinary baking paper for instance, is an excellent option.

Place the clothing flat on the ironing table so that the inner collar or waistband is easily accessible. Place the sheet of baking paper over the fabric. Set the heat settings for ‘cotton’, making sure that the steam function is off. Once the iron is ready, place it flat on top of the protective sheet, over the label, for 10-20 seconds. Wait for half a minute and check whether the tag is firmly attached. If not, reapply the iron. Let the name labels cool down for a couple of minutes before folding the clothes away.

Use name tags to say goodbye to wardrobe mix-ups.

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