Importance Of Meta Description And Meta Robots In Seo

If youre one of those people who develops and creates a website using HTML, you definitely are aware that a meta description tag is written using this format:

A ,meta description is a section of ones webpage wherein you can create a summary explaining what your site is all about. Creation of this meta information is one of those crucial steps as you build or structure your webpage since that summary is going to be displayed in the search engine results. For that reason, be sure that you provide a summary to the extent that a person browsing can easily identify that he got the right page for his search. Dont use unrelated words on your meta description instead you may also want to add significant terms at the start of the description. Some of the search engines allow only the first 150 characters for the meta description, thus by doing so the significant points of your description will still be viewable. Not every search engines employ this tag. Lets say, Google in most cases only presents the terms enveloping the related search phrase in which the person has applied.

Meta robots tag is rarely specified in search engine internet marketing guidelines. But this tag is very important if your goal is to let search engines creep into your website as well as with the links on the your webpage. Considering that keying it entails added effort, its advisable that you apply it whilst you insert additional tags. Basically, you can insert the META Robots Tag codes (like the example below) in your website page if you want the search engine such as Google to list your website page and go after the URL links in it.

If you wouldn’t like you page to be to listed by the search engines, simply replace the “index” word with “noindex”. Moreover, if you like the search engines to crawl the links in your page, just change “nofollow” with “follow”. The majority of search engines nowadays acknowledge this tag. Furthermore, should you not want the search engine to keep a storage of your internet page on their web servers, you can put a “noarchive” in the “content” feature of these tag, just like the example below:

These search engines will read the “noarchive” text thus will not retain a backup of your internet page in its storage cache.

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