Mobile Ads In Google Adwords

Before creating a mobile ad, create a separate campaign because to get a better understanding of the data and statistic for mobile ads. You can monitor and optimize the performance of your mobile ads.

Advantages of creating a separate campaign for mobile ads
1.Mobile-specific keywords
3.Mobile ads statistics

Note that the iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers option applies to standard text and image ads; mobile ads are eligible to show regardless of the setting you choose there.

To create a campaign with a new mobile ad, follow the steps:
1.Sign in to your AdWords account.
2.If this is your first campaign, click Create your first campaign. If this isn’t your first campaign, look for the New campaign button on the Campaigns tab.
3.You’ll be taken to the Settings tab of your campaign to begin choosing your campaign settings.
4.Name your new campaign, then select your other settings: audience language and location, network settings, bidding and budget options, and any available advanced settings. Click Save and continue.
5.Follow the remaining instructions on your screen to enter your ads, keywords, and placements.

Once you’ve finished creating your campaign, you can adjust the settings or update the contents at any time.

To create a new mobile text ad in one of your existing ad groups, follow these steps:

1.Sign in to your AdWords account at
2.Navigate to the Ads tab at the ad group level. (Select the campaign and then the ad group in which you want to create a new ad.)
3.Click the New ad link at the top of the table, and choose WAP Mobile Ad.
4.Fill out the fields, as needed.
5.Click Save ad.

The system will check your ad. If there are no issues, you’ll exit editing mode, and you should see your new ad in the ads table.

To create a new mobile image ad in one of your existing ad groups, follow the steps above but choose the radio button for Image. For more details visit google adwords support.

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