Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing for 2012

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ever changing environment with Google making changes to its algorithm all the time, with updates like Caffeine and Google Freshness. Google Freshness is Google’s latest search update which means that users will now see more relevant and up to date search results. Google Freshness update is reported to be affecting 35% of all searches made through Google. The Google Freshness update means that you need to make sure that your website contains fresh relevant information that is up to date and your business is talking about trending topics.

An important part of this is to ensure that your company is using social media tools, as these are becoming more and more important when a search is performed. Social media or recent blog posts will be added into the search with the update so it is important you are adding fresh content to your company’s website.  The update means that if you are searching for the Olympic Games you will see results that relate to the 2012 Olympics and the results from previous years. This means that if you are in certain sectors, the travel industry for example, it is important that you build your websites with date stamps – in this case a travel agents could build with the keyword “cheap summer holidays 2012”; this will not only allow you to rank for the term, but if any changes are made to the site it will be shown in the natural results. It’s a way for the consumer to ensure they’re getting holidays they can actually go on, instead of ones they’ve just missed, and a way for the travel companies to push ahead of their competition, in what is a very competitive industry online.

Google has also launched a new feature that appears under the search results that will allow you to block all searches from that website at a click of a button allowing you to filter results making your search more relevant. Combined with the fact that Google has already integrated the shopping results in the natural search listing to help to improve the natural results.

This update will only affect ecommerce websites and Google is always making changes to what you have to include to the feed to be accepted. The biggest change to this has been the update to the taxonomy which means that companies especially in the clothing market have to make the taxonomy match Google guidelines.

2012 is going to see a lot of changes to Google search algorithm so it is important you keep up with the latest goggles and change your approach to fit the changes already happened, so it’s worth working with an SEO agency Preston-based if you’re a British company, especially when some can deliver digital marketing as well.

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