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Search engine optimization tools are important to any seo campaign these days. Since search engines always changing their algorithm we need to accommodate and change the way we promote our website. We all know that search engines are interested in relevant content that will help people to find what they are looking for, but what we don’t know is how to share it with the right readers. While social networks made it easier to find answers to our questions and let us connect with people that do have answers for our questions, we are still in limbo.

internet marketers are working around the clock and find ways to promote their content, just to target the right audience. So it starts with a great article and a great idea, then most likely a search engine optimization tool will help the writer to optimize the article and then submit it to the right directory or blog. These steps are crucial in order to distribute your content to the right place. The right place may be a forum, a blog or an articles directory.

Why it’s crucial to use search engine optimization tools?

I know of many great writers with important information that can help the online community. These writers have one problem which is the most important element in writing a good article, it’s how to distribute their article to search engines and online directories. The distribution process is easy, but the optimization part is a little challenging and most writers have to use a search engine optimization tool to get help. This tool will help them to optimize their content with keywords and meta tags so the article will get the attention it deserved by search engines.

what are some search engine optimization tools we want to consider?

The first step before submitting the article is to use the Keywords generator tool. This tool will tell you what are the relevant keywords people are searching for in connection with your article. It is vital to use the exact keywords for maximum exposure through search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and many others. This tool will also help you to set up meta tags of your blogs.

Second step is to distribute your content to article directories and blogs. There are different tools you can use, you will need to try someone see which one is the best for your project. Some of the tools you may consider are: Article submitter tool, Rss builder and submitter and blogs submitter. These tools will help you target your audience and let search engine find your articles.

Article submitter tool is a software that have a database of 100’s of articles directories. They are easy to navigate and easy to use and will help you save a lot of time submitting your articles and re optimizing articles and information. Many internet marketers find this tool very helpful for articles distribution.

Rss submitter is a software that will distribute your content via Rss feeds. most platforms are set today as Rss feeds, and people just need to subscribe to the rss feed they like and done. Rss feeds are great way to to distribute articles and i will highly recommend to consider using this tool.

Blogs submitter is a software that will send your articles to different blogs administrators for review, then hopefully they will get approved and you will have extra help. blogs are great to use because search engines crawl them a lot and find them important platforms to provide relevant content.

there two important reasons why you want to use these kind of tools. One is to get your content out there and second to get good links that will help your personal website or blog to get exposure with search engines. The way you get links is by letting other blogs post your articles on their websites in exchange for a link to your website. it’s an easy process, but very important one you should follow.

What ever you do a a writer or as an internet marketer do not spam. Some search engine optimization tools will spam so you have to be really careful and make sure you use the right software and the right content.

Yanni Raz is a mentor for many in the Real Estate Mortgage industry and internet marketing, search engine optimization tools specialist.

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