Basic-optn-large-2SEO Starter Pack

Get your optimization started with this SEO Starter Pack. Optimize and submit your site in one!

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Optimize Your Website Code

Build New Links Each Month

Google Listing in 48 Hours

Basic Optimization Package includes:

  • Keyword Analysis (valued at $49.99)
  • Code Optimization (valued at $44.99)
  • G-Boost (valued at $19.99)

Save with This Effective Optimization Combo

By combining our most popular optimization services in one, you save every month! This affordable solution means you can have professional website optimization without the expensive price tag.

An Affordable Solution to Increase Your Free Traffic

The Basic Optimization Package takes care of all your organic search engine optimization which will help increase your free search engine traffic. The package combines keyword analysis, code optimization and submission services to pave the path for your search engine success.

Optimize Your Website Code for the Most Popular Keywords

The Basic Optimization Package features a unique two step process to optimizing your website for a higher ranking in regular search results.

Firstly, we identify keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site using our Keyword Analysis service. Then we use these keywords to optimize all your important meta tags, producing keyword-rich title tags, description tags and keyword tags. We also optimize 3 of your image ALT tags and 3 of your Link Tags to increase your code’s keyword density!

Get Included in Google in 48 Hours

Google is the undoubted king of search engines and powers 50.7% of all searches in the United States (comScore, May 2007). Inclusion in Google is vital for website success which is why the Basic Optimization Package includes G-Boost for guaranteed Google inclusion in 48 hours. If your website isn’t include in Google’s results within 48 hours of service completion – get a refund for the boost component of your package’s first month fee. See our terms and conditions for full details.

G-Boost also helps to improve your website ranking by creating 5, guaranteed category based backlinks for your site. Guaranteed backlinks are a proven method to increasing your search ranking and are a great way to send traffic to your site!