Starcraft 2 Protoss Guide – The Basics


Let’s be honest, in SC2 Protoss is one of the coolest looking and the strongest race there is! They’re highly technologically advanced and the’ve the ability to use psionic powers, so who wouldn’t want to play them. Notice: by the “most powerful”, I don’t truly mean that they are technically stronger compared to Zerg and also Terran in a actual game but according to the game lore provided by Blizzard, they’re the strongest specie in the game!

In this particular Starcraft 2 Protoss tutorial, I am going to introduce you to all the characteristics involving Protoss as well as some fundamental strategies. This is not really meant to be an advanced Starcraft 2 guides that you will learn tactics, strategies, or build orders as there are a good amount of additional guides for that. Anyway let us get into many of the characteristics of Protoss.

Protoss Features:

Strong Units: Protoss contains the strongest units of the 3 races; they’ve high strike power that deals substantial damages to their opponents. Having said that, all that energy won’t come cheaply which I’ll make clear later.

Expensive and Long Production Units: One of the biggest negative facets of Protoss is that their units are expensive and also requires a long time to create in comparison to the other 2 races.

Force Fields: Another attribute that is unique towards the Protoss race is their power to use psionic power. And one of its unique benefits is that it allows every Protoss unit and also structures undertake a magical force field in which absorbs additional damage.

Warp-In: Protoss also have one more special ability which allows them to warp-in certain units in to the battleground via psionic matrix, which can be formed by either a circle of Pylons or a phase prism through the use of Warp Prism.

Basic Principles of Protoss Tactics:

The easiest method to approach any Protoss tactics is to focus or in another word to become as narrow as you can in terms of the various upgrades and units that are needed to win the game. The main reason being is because such as I described earlier, Protoss has very high costly units and structures. If you were to go too diverse in terms of unit make up you will exhaust all your money or resources before you reach a huge army.

The second thing to be familiar with is when it comes to using any build orders or strategies for the Protoss is to keep in mind that you’ll want a good balance regarding spending both of your gas and minerals. Thus for example if you are going for a serious gas build such as Colossus and Phoenix build, then you ought to change things up with charged Zealots.


There are a few other key fundamental mechanics to playing Protoss in Starcraft 2, and if you would like to discover them or in general just want to understand more about Protoss and also their strategies you can check out my Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy guides or my website at: Your StarCraft 2 Guide

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