Quickest Engagements of Famous People

Some engagements of famous people including Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears and Orlando Bloom took place actually a short time from the day of their announcement of engagement to their official wedding. Let’s look at this article and discover who they are and how long their engagement took place.   The romance of reality TV star Kim […]

Most Outstanding Engagements of 2010

Engagement is one special event of every couple before they officially tie the knot because it presents a promise to marry between them. Each pair has different ways to hold this fact, especially celebrity couples to create something spectacular for their life partner. The engagements of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson and Eric […]

Monitor Your ?Score? in Software Testing Engagements

Gone are the days when cost was looked at as the main reason to outsource software testing services. Today, organizations are more focused on striking the right deal to gain access to testing expertise, independent opinion (especially an unbiased non-development vendor’s), and ultimately to improve software quality. While they are on the right path, it […]