Top Factors to Consider While Doing Website Analysis For SEO Or SEM

Website analysis is the most important aspect of any Search SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns. It is like assessing the potential of getting success of website prior to the SEO/SEM campaign. The outcomes of website analysis process acts as the blueprint for further actions taken in order to get higher rankings or generate traffic. Therefore, webmasters need to take all technical as well as competitive measures in mind while doing website analysis.

Website Analysis – A Brief Introduction

Website analysis is combination of several sub processes that deals with issues affecting the website’s potential for coming on top of search results. Let us have a look on some of the important aspects of website analysis:

Website Structure – The structure of website affects its position in search. A website made of Frames or Flash, is tough for search engine crawling and indexing. Therefore, while analyzing a website we need to consider these aspects.

HTML Aspects – The HTML code used in website should obey W3C standards. Different sections should be properly distinguished by proper Paragraphs and Header Tags (H1, 222 H2, H3…) to make contents easily accessible by crawlers. Every page should have proper Title and META Tags (Description and Keywords).

Links & Images – Links are of utmost important in SEO. Inbound links, outbound links, and internal links all play major role. First, internal linking should be perfect with proper anchor text. There should be no dead or broken links in website. A sitemap must be there reflecting internal linking structure of website.

All images used in website should have alternate text and height and width attributes specified. As search robots cannot read the contents displayed on images, they can only read alternate text. Therefore, during analysis it should be given proper importance.

Page Contents – For any website content is very important. Every page should have enough keyword rich contents. The ideal keywords density should not be more than 2%. If the website lacks in terms of contents, we cannot expect it to come on top of search rankings.

Status in Search Engines – Assessment of website’s status in search engines is also a major part of website analysis. Number of indexed pages and back links for the website in all major search engines are of utmost important.

After analyzing all the aforementioned things, the outcome will be the exact website analysis report that will further decide the actions required in order to get higher search rankings and incoming traffic through search engines.

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