Tricks For The Right Search Engine Optimization

It is true that search engine have bots that can be tricked when it comes to search engine optimization. Programmers can trick a search engine rank by some codes and faking some data in the website.

Search bots are therefore not that perfect when it comes to indexing pages. This trick is rather risky when caught. But on the other hand, when you apply to this trick, it would cost you little money as well as effort when it comes to making your website appear on the first pages of search engines.

One way to trick search engines is showing a different landing page on the search results and then redirecting viewers on a different website. Reading by search bots are not that perfect yet thus there are certainly websites who are doing this kind of trick. But then again, this kind of trick would not that be effective these days. There are now wise search bots who can determine these sites faking their landing pages and getting caught can make your website appear in a very low ranking. These tricks are deceptive, and if you choose to have your ranking be performed this way, you know what the consequences are in the first place.

Below are ways on how to trick search engines:

1. keyword stuffing- most people do this by inserting keywords unrelated to the contents. They include important words or keywords several times on an article to be able to make search engines think they have quality contents. In addition, some also hide words by putting in some codes on the website or making the keywords blend in the background.

This technique may become so off but still until today, is very effective. There are a lot of website who are still doing this trick and they rank well on search engine pages. You can easily see if a website is stuff with hidden keywords by looking at the page source.

2. Hidden links- this has also become so popular most especially when you are getting and using the rank of a third party site for a high PR outbound link. Most SEO doing this usually turns their links lighter than the other texts to make it almost invisible. The steps hiding links are very much similar with hiding texts.

3. Duplicate pages and mirror sites- Most people practicing this think that the more content-rich a page or a website is, the more it will turn to search engines pages. But this trick is not that effective anymore as there are now ways for search engine bots to determine duplicate contents as well as mirror sites.

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