Understanding The Importance Of SEO and Sub Pages

If you start an online business then expect to build at the very least 1000 pages within a website, blog, forum, or other type of online presence.  If you want success then you need to build many pages with good content on your niche.  The majority of webmasters and bloggers do understand this which is good the problem arises when they don’t build links to these pages and let them fall deep into the SERPs.  If you are a webmaster or blogger then your goal should be to treat every single page as if it was your main website’s index page and accept nothing less than first in Google for its title and related keywords.  If you start optimizing and link building for all your sub pages you will notice that every page in your website will slowly start to rise in Google.  If you build links to one page that page will grow in authority and the links from that page to the rest of your blog will become more powerful.


Before you start building links towards all the pages within your website it is important to make sure your sub pages have certain aspects added to them so they can stand alone within Google and the other major search engines.  The first and most important thing that needs to be done is a title for the sub page both in the head of the html file and on the top of the sub page.  The next step is filling out a description making sure to create a new description for each sub page you create.  Now that you have the title and description make sure that you have added navigation to the sub page.  Usually this will not be a problem with blogs since they have a main template, but if you are creating a website by hand then it is important to make sure each sub page you have is optimized.  Also when you are creating navigation around your website make sure to use either keywords for the sub page or the sub pages title.  This will help the sub page rank higher within the SERPs.


Now that you have the sub pages completely optimized and ready to do well within the SERPs it is time to start building links towards these sub pages.  This is actually a lot easier said than done because the majority of link building resources on the web only want the main index of a website and will not allow sub pages or domains.  Focus on the resources out there that will let you build links to the sub pages.  These resources include blogs, article directories, and social bookmarking.  These three will be your best option if you want to start ranking your sub pages well within the SERPs.  Usually it will take much less work to rank a sub page well within the SERPs because it will already be sucking some of the authority away from your index.  Try to build several hundred links to each sub page this will ensure that your pages will not be dropped down deep within the serps and will also help spread page rank around your website.

My name is Kris Beus blogger of the Online Business Blog which has a Link Buidling page.

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