Write Title Tags for Your Web Pages

The meta keywords tag (shown above) is a meta tag that many website owners use in order to attempt to rank well in the search engines. While using lots of keywords in the meta keywords tag used to be a good way to get your site ranked for the keywords you chose for the page, the meta keywords tag is no longer used by many search engines (Google in particular) as an indication of what your web page is about.

Using these tags properly is important for a number of reasons. Search engines use the information contained in the description tag to generate the descriptions that appear with in the search results. Having a compelling description as part of your search engine listing can be the difference between a potential customer clicking your link or not, which is why these tags are important.

Meta tags are not seen by visitors; rather they are read by search engines and browsers and enable them to identify information on what a web page is about. There are commonly three important meta tags that search engines use to obtain information about your web page.

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A Title Tag is a small piece of code that goes into the header of every web page. If you’re familiar with the code of your pages, then the Title Tag are the words between the sections. Whatever is entered here will display on the top of the browser window when a user is viewing that page. This helps to let your viewers know what that page is all about.

If you effectively apply these steps to your Title Tags then I’m confident you will start to see an improvement in website traffic. This is just the tip of the iceberg for SEO but it’s one of the first and most important things to do to optimize your web pages and let the search engines know what you’re pages are all about.

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