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Recently, Yahoo, as part of Sunnyvale, California, launched a pilot program dubbed “more sponsors”. This is in line with the company’s push for delivering an improvement on search results that meet the needs of its users. This was told to Mediaspot by David Pann, the companys vice president on search advertising.

The “more sponsors” program add links at the bottom of every Yahoo search results. This enables individuals to view more sponsored ads that are related to their original keyword search. If you click on a sponsored ad, a page with only sponsored links pops up. Consumers are thus able to peruse through a variety of sites that offer the products they need at a discounted price.

“Yahoo search assist” features a search terminology that was introduced in 2009. It makes various suggestions on search terms that are related, thus supporting more sponsors, e.g. if a consumer types in “Kenya vacations”, yahoo might suggest resorts or vacation packages. This blend of several technologies, according to Pann, is aimed at improving the experience of consumers.

This program will be launched at Yahoo Search. However, the company is working on ways through which it can be made available throughout the entire Yahoo Network where sponsored ads are present. These ads are based on text. Eventually, they could include some sort of graphic or image or a logo. Pann said the company was looking for ways through which it can improve the search ads to enhance the consumer experience.

Interested advertisers can start purchasing the paid per click ads through Yahoo. This search marketing system will cost approximately the same as the prior standard results. Now marketers will have the opportunity to bid on keywords. Consequently, the ads will be ranked depending on the cost of the bid and quality. After a consumer clicks on a more sponsored link, another search is executed.

Ads that are based on search terms are selected by the platform. For example, an ad that is ranked high in the standard sponsored result may only be shown in the sponsored-only results for the same search term.

This system has been on test by Yahoo for some months with between 2 to 4 percent of search traffic being used for this test. Although Yahoo is turning the improved search functions to Microsoft to power the algorithm and advertising platform through Bing, according to the agreement, Yahoo will control the consumer experience.

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